Terrariums, Planters, Decor Items Made In Your Neighborhood


Hanging Planters
Beautify your walls with plans
Miniature Gardens
Miniature Gardens
Wooden Planters
An aquarium for for plants instead of fish.
Pots with plants
Wooden Vase arrangement
Decoupage bottle
Decoupage bottle
clothes hooks
swan and cactus - set of 2 clothes hooks
multi-hook for clothes
clothes hooks with 4 animal faces
clothes hook
animal face clothes hook
wall art
wall art
wall art
600mm x 400mm wall art
wall art
600mm x 400mm size wall art
wall art
brighten up your child's room with this 600mm x 400mm wall print
wall shelf
triangular wall shelf
pineapple key holder
decorative wall mounted key holder with hooks that can be moved around.
MDF Tissue Box
Mdf wooden tissue box in distressed look with metallic finish
T light holder
T light holder in pure pine wood