Amla Juice

30 ml shots amla juice shots (freshly prepared & home delivered)
With the conditions we are facing today, we wouldn't say that these juice shots are a treatment or a 100% protection against any ailments, but keeping your immunity up definitely protects you better against the onslaught of infections. Also immunity is built up over time, not in one day, so it’s an initiative by Morning Rasa to inculcate good habits for a healthy lifestyle by bringing Ayurveda at your door step.


AMLA Juice - As far as Vitamin C sources go, Amla is right on top! Way above Oranges and Lemons too… Amla helps boost immunity, aids in weight loss and helps the body absorb other essential nutrients. When it’s taken empty stomach it neutralises the ph of the body thus curing acidity and other digestive issues.. Due to the Bangalore’s weather there are a lot of allergies (wheezing, sneezing, etc.) among kids, Amla juice with high vitamin C content help’s kids to build immunity against these allergies.

Seller: Morning Rasa

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