Farm Fresh Organic Milk

Big Bottle1 liter
Small Bottle- half liter500 ml


Farm Fresh Organic Milk
Farm Fresh Organic Milk which is - Untouched by human hand - Antibiotic and hormones free - Cows fed organic fodder - Loaded with Probiotic Bacteria and Vit. A,D and B-12


  • Compared to Pasteurized milk; our milk is very high in nutrition as below:
  • High in Phosphatase - Essential for absorption of calcium
  • Lipase-Aids in digestion of fats
  • Immunoglobulin- Improves asthma
  • Lactase producing bacteria: helps digest lactose
  • Probiotic bacteria: Strengthens immune system
  • Delicate proteins: Tissue repair and muscle/bone strength
  • Vitamins A,D and B-12: improves overall health
  • Calcium: Prevents osteoporosis, strengthens bones, helps weight loss
  • Phosphorous: Healthy teeth/bones
  • Seller: Silver lake farm

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    raw organic milk v/s pasteurized milk

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