Wedding / Marriage Puja


This function helps in getting a spiritual blessing and bond between couples and strengthens the relationship between the two families.
Vivaha or Marriage Puja is the most important event in one’s life. It is ritual an adult Hindu undertakes in his or her life, ceremony is conducted in front of sacred fire diety Agni/Yajna reciting vedic hymns marks the transition state from Brahmacharayashram to Grihasthashramam. The important rituals which are in performed are like Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, Mangalasutra/Mangalya dhaarana, Saptapadi.


  • Ganapathi Poojan
  • Dwar puja
  • Varpuja
  • Kanyadaan
  • Havan ( Laja havan, Jaya Havan, pitra havan etc)
  • Phere
  • Saptapadi
  • Sindoor daan
  • Mangalsutra dharan
  • Ghunghat, etc
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