Aarna Selections
Sarees for all occasions
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Sarees for all occasions

Aarna Selections

Name Aarna Selections

Contact Phone +91 87928 02895

Business Type Sole Proprietorship

Address Nitesh Forest Hills, Kadugodi

Year Started 2018


36 Clothings

Aarna Selections

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Pink Banarasi Silk
Lovely pink Saree with flower and kairi design for that traditional look.
Red Linen saree
Light weight jute linen saree for everyday wear. Look casual at home, gatherings or classy at your workplace.
Purple Silk Saree
Dark Brown linen saree
Light Green linen saree
Light green saree with blue tassels in pallu
Pink Linen Saree With Floral Pattern
Pink floral print linen Saree
Sea blue Silk Saree
Beautiful Sea-blue saree with yellow and pink lotus motifs in the border to provide a rich look. The contrast of colours used draws attention to the saree
Black Silk Saree
Beautiful cotton- silk sarees for that perfect flow and hold of material
Red Paithani Silk
Yellow Paithani
Orange Georgette
Rich Georgette Saree with a black designer blouse
Shaded Pink Paithani
Rani Pink Paithani Saree
Orange Shaded Paithani Saree
Soft silk saree with Golden border and pallu.
Green Paithani Saree
Sea green Saree in soft silk
Seagreen colour anyways looks very nice and with a combination of gold it does wonders
Orange Shaded Saree in soft silk
A Shaded Orange Saree with gold and pink prints
Red Saree with Silver patterns
Red Saree with contrast Silver weavings
Violet Soft Silk Saree
Soulful combination of violet and gold
Rani pink Saree
The glamorous combination of pink and gold
Baby Pink Soft Silk Saree with Golden pattern
Baby pink and gold- the perfect combination to look soft and sizzling.
Navy Blue Saree
A Navy blue saree with copper designs.
Light Yellow Heart Saree
Soft yellow saree with hearts all over.
Royal Blue Saree
Dark blue to light blue Shading with pink design
Red - Yellow Shaded
Amazing combination of red, yellow to orange.
Light blue-Pink Shaded Saree
The Evergreen combination of pink and blue
Sweet Pink Saree
Pink Saree with light pink border
Black Shaded Saree
Black and gold shaded saree with Geometric prints for that elegant look
Brown saree with pink flowers
great combination of pink orange and brown
Light brown and blue shaded
Shaded light blue with chocolate combination