Unique like you 
Deraj Boutique
Unique Like you

Have you played dress-up, dress-up as a child? Of course you have! There’s no fun growing up, but loads of fun in recollecting those childhood days when having a new dress or wearing someone else’s was so much fun! Getting dresses stitched from the local tailor, with your own designs, was a huge part of childhood. Every design unique and each one your own. The joy of flipping through old catalogues, magazine cutouts or sketches from your heart, all rolled into one to create a dress that you proudly flaunted in an occasion. Gone are those days of childhood fantasies. Now it’s an era of ready-made clothes. You walk into a mall and make your pick, try out your size, buy few and come back home. So does plenty of others. There’s nothing unique about dresses any more. Is childhood dressing up a thing of the past? Well, all is not lost if you can still put your imagination into the clothes you wear. That’s exactly why Deraj was born. A platform to give every item a unique identity. Call it a personal touch or a slice of happy memory, here’s a collection that will ring a bell to the days gone past.

Deraj Boutique

Name Deraj Boutique

Contact Phone 7022057783

Description We make custom made sarees and jewellery at reasonable prices to allow everyone to own an unique item without paying a bombshell

Business Type Partnership

Address Bangalore

Year Started 2016


8 Clothings

Wear Tagore's Poem on Saree
Khadi cotton half and half with hand embroidery
Drape yourself with Tagore's Poem (Saree)
One of it's kind Khadi Saree with embroidery done
Katha stitch and Applique work on Tussar Silk Saree
One of it's kind Silk Saree
Staple Gheecha Silk Saree
Black and white Staple gheecha silk
Staple Gheecha Silk Saree
Staple Gheecha Silk with Blouse Piece
Linen Saree
White and Yellow Linen Saree with Blouse Piece
Linen Saree
Linen Saree with Blouse Piece
Embroidered flowers on khadi cotton saree
A #Deraj original design. Hand embroidered flowers on Khadi cotton