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Why Sell On Whitefield Marketplace?

E-Commerce: Your Next Big Sales Channel

Start selling on Whitefield Marketplace - without building a website. Register now to start selling on Whitefield Marketplace.

Reach Everyone In Whitefield & Beyond

Whitefield marketplace is continuously marketed to everyone living or coming to whitefield

Beat Lockdowns & Grow Even In Bad Times

If buyers cant come to your shop, reach out to them in their homes, on their phones, on their desktops

Rewards that are endlessly rewarding
Earn credits upto ₹1 lacs as you help build Whitefield's online economy ...know more There is a solution for every budget
What You getFREESilverGoldPlatinum
Monthly Subscription Charges-₹ 5,000₹ 7,500₹ 15,000
Annual Subscription Charges-₹ 55,000₹ 82,500₹ 165,000
List Your Business
So that everyone in whitefield knows about you
Publish Your Products & Services
So that buyers in whitefield can place orders
Get your product displayed on the header imageYYY
Get a sponsored slot on the homepage- Featured vendorsYYY
Get your product promoted in searchirrespective of what is searchedYYY
Get help in setting up your business page - Support on WhatsAppYYY
Get help in maintaining your Facebook/ Instagram page
Just strategy and a little execution- organic sharing
Help you get 1000 page likes in fb
If more likes are needed extra budget
Support on callYY
Get personalised creatives for FacebookY
Get help in running independent Facebook paid campaignsY
Complete business specific digital marketing strategyY
What You Get Price
List Your Business
So that everyone in whitefield knows about you
Publish Your Products & Services
So that buyers in whitefield can place orders
Marketing Tools
Marketing Surveys, Lead Generating Surveys, Quizzes
To get deeper customer insights or to generate leads
Promote Your Business
List as featured product on home page
So that your everyone notice your products
per month **
Sponsor Whitefield Marketplace
Put your brand in front of buyers
per month **
Digital Marketing
Activate Your Facebook Page
So that your business is put in front of your buyers
Monthly management fee **
Display Your Ads On Google Network
So that your brand follows your buyers everywhere
Monthly management fee **
Show Up On Google Search Ads
So that your brand is placed in front of buyers actively looking for products like yours
Monthly management fee **
** Ad spend extra, as per your budget

Frequently Asked Questions 


Once you register as a seller on EQTribe Whitefield Marketplace, you get following: 
  1. You get a business page where you can publish your company profile 
  2.  You can publish a complete catalog of your products on EQTribe Whitefield Marketplace. 
  3. You can add one page for each product you want to promote and sell online 
  4. Visitors to the EQTribe Whitefield Marketplace can view your products and share with others
  5. Check a complete list of benefits here. 
  6.  As part of our road map, in future you will get following: 
    1. Sell online 
    2. Collect payments online